Choose The Retirement Conversation  that’s right for you

The Retirement Conversation
             for age 55 and over
    Life hasn’t worked out exactly as I thought it would, but things are okay.  I have some money, I like my work, and I have my health.  There’s still time left, and  I want to know what I can do to improve my future position with less risk.
In this program we address the home stretch:  the empty nest windfall, end-game saving strategies, damage control, risk management.  It’s also time to start thinking about how you will use you savings.  Where should you put your money so you don’t run out?  Can you retire early?  Will you always have to worry about running out?  When should you use your 401 (k) or IRA?  What about charitable giving or legacy for your family?

The Retirement Conversation 
            for age 45-55
    Financial independence still seems a long way off, but I have always been a serious, forward-thinking person.  I am a pretty good saver.  How do I protect what I have and continue to build for financial independence?
This program addresses mid-life accumulation issues:  Should you take more risk, or less?  Should you continue contributing to your 401(k), and if so, how much?  You’ll take a second look at you mid-life diversification, protection against risk, and explore saving for life events such as weddings, second home, and parent care.

The Retirement Conversation 
            for age 35-45
    Retirement!  I’m fully invested -- in groceries.  I can’t save any more right now, but I want to keep an eye on my future.  How can I be smarter with what I have to save, to make more progress toward financial independence.
Together in this program we address early-life financial issues like the proper foundation of savings, contributing to your 401(k) correctly, diversification among cash, stock, bond, mutual funds, and real estate, fundamental protection against risk, and saving for college properly.

The Retirement Conversation 
          for those who don’t want to retire
    I’m happy with my life.  I want to stay active and productive.  Maybe I’ll change the pace someday, but the last thing I want is retirement.  What can I do to increase my future income with less risk?
   This program helps you take an honest look at where you are.  We’ll offer fresh thinking to help improve your position and diminish your risk.  How can your savings, pension, or social security fit into your "non-retirement" plan?  Where should you put your money to make it last?

All investing involves risk.  Diversification cannot eliminate the risk of investment losses. 
An investor should consider time horizon, investment objectives and his or her risk tolerance when developing any investment strategy.

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