Our Philosophy

Intelligent Thinking

   When it comes to money, conventional wisdom is not always
correct.  Many financial “truths” are really just opinions that have
no basis in fact.  And what’s right for one person may be wrong
for you. 

   How do you measure and verify financial decisions objectively?
What system do you use to guard against sales hype, advertising,
and opinion?  Do you use a time-tested model for consistently
sensible decision making?

   Could intelligent thinking, based on sound economic principles,
bring you more wealth with less risk?    

Manage the Wealth Killers

   Does your plan protect you from wealth killers, like lawsuit, unnecessary taxes, inflation, planned obsolescence, technological change, and all the other things that can erode the value of your money? 

   How do you minimize cost and opportunity cost?  Do you use cost recovery strategies?  Do you make a dollar work for you more than once?  What are you doing to minimize risk?

   If the government changes the tax rules will your strategy go out the window?  Could you fall victim to the latest “hot product” solution?  Do you believe that one financial product can do it all?  Are you doing things simply because they’re convenient?

If what you always knew was true, turned out not to be, when would you want to know?

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